General Contracting

Appleseed Building excels in general contracting project or those projects that our client has had an architect or engineer design. Using in house estimating and our own skilled labor force supplemented by experienced, high quality subcontractors we co-ordinate the necessary resources to finish the project on time and within budget.

Design Build Construction

Design/Build is a very popular method of project management where the contractor works with the client to maximize the utility of the finished project. An experienced design/build contract will utilize his expertise to simplify the construction process and will suggest more affordable materials that will meet the clients’ needs and save money over the traditional general construction methods. Design/Build is by far, the best way for a client to have his project completed as it has a single point of responsibility, it will provide for better project quality, it will provide cost savings and faster delivery, and it affords improved risk management.

Pre Construction Evaluation

Every construction project has potential pitfalls. Project Evaluation is similar to design/build construction except Appleseed Building will review drawings prepared by our clients architect and/or engineers and suggest, where we see problems or expensive construction methods, easier ways to construct the project or to suggest similar materials that will be less expensive to install.

Construction Management

This method requires Appleseed Building to provide multiple bids to the client for the different work items involved in the project (for instance asphalt paving, painting, electrical work, etc.) with recommendations as to which subcontractor or material supplier should be awarded their share of the project. Appleseed Building would administer the project while the client would pay the subcontractors as directed by Appleseed. Appleseed would charge a percentage fee of the approved charges.

Facility Maintenance

Every large structure eventually needs a repair that in-house maintenance personnel are not equipped to handle. Appleseed Building can assist with all aspects of unusual problems.

Insurance Restoration

Bad things can happen to anybody.  Appleseed Building can help you make your way through the complicated process of cleaning up after a disaster, working with insurance adjusters and building code officials, and completing the necessary construction work to put your life back together.